Monday, August 17, 2020


The intention with this blog is to establish a space to support any outputs I might produce that would not easily fit within the other avenues I maintain. Things that come in bites too big for social media. A workshop for longer form content. I envision behind-the-scenes postings, process breakdowns, theory talk, and digressive conjectures. It will all likely relate to creative work, if you need to apply genre.

I've given some consideration to the format of "blog." They are an extension of a long-standing human tradition of documentation, mostly. The internet blog is a recent invention in human time, but by cyber time is sometimes viewed as archaic. Very few of my compatriots still employ blogs, but I find that a significant portion of web media I ingest is still blogs, and this is encouragement enough.

This endeavor is being softly launched in its larval stage, writhing and hissing. The place is still raw, this initial posting serves as a beachhead so I can establish links. That being said, the current setup does not represent the idealized final product, and will accordingly change to reconcile the gap between construct and vision.

I will populate this place, and I will be terraforming it, and we shall see where it goes. Maybe in an eon from now, the digital archaeologists will brush off layers of corrupted pixels from this blog, and speculate as to its function. 

- NW

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